VoiceThread: Assignment Builder

The Assignment Builder allows you to create an assignment that students can complete for a grade.


To Access the Assignment Builder:

  1. Create a VoiceThread Assignment within your Course.
  2. Select Assignment Builder at the bottom right of the VoiceThread Setup window.

The Assignment Builder button in the setup window


  1. The Assignment Builder window will appear, allowing you to choose to Create a VoiceThread, submit a Comment, or Watch a VoiceThread.

The Assignment Builder window with three options shown


Types of Assignments

  • Create will bring you to a window asking for participation requirements including checkboxes to select which comment types will be allowed, student resubmissions, play back settings, permissions settings, and student gallery settings. When done with setting customizations, click Continue.

the participation requirements window with the continue button highlighted


The continue button will lead you to a new window to input the assignment description, instructions, and due date. Click the publish button when finished. 

VoiceThread assignment description window with publish button highlighted


  • Comment will open a window that allows you to select a VoiceThread to comment on. You can search for a VoiceThread using the search bar at the top, or create one by clicking Create a VoiceThread.

The select a Voice Thread window with the search bar and create a voice thread button highlighted


  • Watch will show a window that lets you select a VoiceThread to watch. You can search for a VoiceThread using the search bar at the top, or create one by clicking Create a VoiceThread.

Create a voice thread and search bar highlighted on watch voice thread window

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10/23/2023 9:10:14 AM