LSUMail: Set Up Device | iPad

This article explains how to set up an iPad for accessing the LSUMail e-mail system.


iOS 10 Limitations

Please note you will need to use the Outlook application for LSUMail if you are using iOS 10.



1. Remove your existing Exchange e-mail from your tablet if you have it set up.

  • If your tablet currently has an e-mail app that is accessing the old LSU Exchange e-mail system, you must remove the account before proceeding to Step 2. Otherwise, you will end up with duplicate e-mails, contacts and calendar entries.

2. Tap Settings, located on your home screen.

Settings icon in the main iPad menu

3. Tap "Accounts & Passwords" and select the Add Account option at the top of the screen.

Accounts and Passwords

4. Tap Exchange


5. Enter your login information and select Next.

  • Email: Use your LSU e-mail address
  • Description: Give your account a description.

enter email and description


6. A pop up window will appear. Press Sign In.

pop up window


7. Fill in the following:

  • Password: Use your LSUMail password 
  • Select sign in.

enter password

8.  Select the items you wish to be synced on to your iPad, and tap Save.

Last step

9. You have successfully set up your LSUMail account with your iPad. 



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3/25/2019 10:05:35 AM