myLSU Portal: How Do I Login to myLSU?

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Log in to the myLSU Portal

  • Before you can log in to the myLSU Portal, you must first have an account. For more information, see Accounts: LSU Overview.

1. Open a Web Browser and browse to the myLSU Portal (

2. Enter your User Name & Password.  (myLSU account ID & myLSU Password.)

  • The User Name Format is:  <myLSU ID>  
  • Enter your current myLSU Password.

3. Click the LOGIN button.

myLSU portal

Troubleshooting Tips

1. Still NOT able to log in? 

  • Re-Entering your myLSU Password, carefully watching the keys as you type it.

2. Still NOT able to log in?  


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