Password Reset - Change Password



Your PAWS ID and passwords are the primary means of authentication for most LSU Computer Systems. LSU uses single sign on technology that passes the passwords to many subsidiary systems or applications once you have signed in, only requiring you to only have a single password to access most computer resources at LSU. Click on one of the GROK articles below for information on changing your password, setting your password reset question and recovering your password.  

LSUMail E-mail:

LSU Faculty & Staff use this hosted e-mail service powered by Microsoft.  This system does not use single sign-in and allows you to have a different password for e-mail and PAWS ID accounts.

LSU Mainframe System

Requires a separate account and password, not associated to your PAWS Password.   If you forget your Mainframe password, you can change it through the myLSU Portal. Click the link below for detailed instructions on how to change your LSU Mainframe password.  

1/30/2018 11:11:43 AM