WebEX: LSU Faculty/Staff WebEx Portal Overview

General Information

LSU is licensed for two WebEx sites, one for LSU Faculty/Staff and one for LSU Students. While LSU affiliates are able to attend meetings in either portal, users will only be able to host meetings in their respective portal. See the following article on WebEX: Distinction between the LSU Faculty/Staff WebEx Portal and the Student WebEx Portal.

The LSU Faculty/Staff WebEx Portal contains four different meeting enviornments: Meeting Center, Event Center, Support Center, and Training Center. Each different center provides unique features that are geared towards hosting specific online enviornments. 

To acces the LSU Faculty/Staff WebEx Portal, see the following link: lsu.webex.com

Different Meeting Centers Available in the LSU Faculty/Staff WebEx Portal

NOTE: The LSU Students WebEx Portal contains only the Meeting Center. The other three centers are specific to the LSU Faculty/Staff WebEx Portal.

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