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General Information All LSU students and employees automatically get a PAWS ID to access University services through the myLSU portal. An e-mail address of the format is also automatically generated when the PAWS ID is created. Therefore, everyone with a PAWS ID also has a @lsu.
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LSU Forwarding E-mail Accounts There will be some changes made during the Fall 2013 Semester to the LSU Forwarding E-mail Accounts. These changes will affect (1) Applicants to LSU, (2) LSU Students who have NOT set up a TigerMail...
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Faculty and Staff members leaving the university can follow these steps to transfer their email messages to a .pst file which can then be imported into most email clients. NOTE : You cannot create a .pst file in Outlook Web App (OWA). You must download Outlook and create it using the information below. To Transfer Emails...
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General Information Most email clients have a feature called "Email Address Auto Complete". This feature allows you to type an email address into the "TO:", "CC:", or "BCC" fields and have a suggested email show in the text field, selectable by pressing Enter. Outlook will display a list of...
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Clear the E-mail Cache: 1. Open Thunderbird. 2. Go to the Thunderbird tab at the top left hand corner of the screen and select Preferences .
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Clearing the Outlook 2013 Auto-Complete Cache (E-mail Cache) How to Clear Out Individual Entries: 1. In the Outlook main window, generate a new email by clicking on the Create a New item icon.
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