E-mail & E-mail Addresses at LSU (@lsu.edu)

General Information

All LSU students and employees automatically get a myLSU account to access University services through the myLSU portal. An e-mail address of the format <myLSUid>@lsu.edu is also automatically generated when the myLSU account is created. Therefore, everyone with a myLSU account also has a <myLSUid>@lsu.edu address. However, what happens to messages sent to <myLSUid>@lsu.edu may vary.

An LSU affiliate’s e-mail account (mailbox) may be on an LSU sponsored e-mail system, or it might be on a non-LSU e-mail system like Gmail or Hotmail. Messages sent to <myLSUid>@lsu.edu are either forwarded to the additional e-mail account registered for the user during myLSU account creation (Forwarding-Only Accounts), or they are sent to their unique LSU mailbox within LSUMail (LSUMail Accounts).

Forwarding-Only Accounts

Some people who already have an e-mail account when they arrive at LSU may not immediately receive an LSU-sponsored mailbox due to eligibility requirements. When they get their myLSU account, they register for a forwarding only e-mail address that will redirect all messages addressed to <myLSUid>@lsu.edu to another e-mail address they have provided (e.g. mtiger@gmail.com).

People with ‘forwarding only accounts’ who click on the e-mail link in the myLSU Portal will be informed that they are forwarding their LSU e-mails to another address. You cannot turn off forwarding accounts, but you can change the forwarding address in myLSU Portal. (See instructions for setting up or removing e-mail forwarding).

LSUMail Accounts

Faculty and Staff, as a general rule, receive LSUMail accounts immediately upon starting employment with the University. Once students meet all requirement criteria, the Email link in the myLSU Portal will allow them to set up a mailbox on the LSU e-mail system called LSUMail. LSUMail is hosted by Microsoft and has the Outlook look and feel.

IMPORTANT: All faculty, staff, and students will need to configure MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) before accessing their mail account. To set up MFA, please visit mfasetup.lsu.edu and see the complete instructions here: Office 365: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Enrollment

Once an LSU affiliate receives an LSUMail account, the Email link changes and presents a webpage called LSUMail Central. 

  • NOTE: By default, e-mails sent from LSUMail will also have a return address of <myLSUid>@lsu.edu.

You can skip the myLSU Portal and bring up this same sign-in page by going to mail.lsu.edu.

Employees who prefer a more robust mail client may use Outlook from the Microsoft Office suite.


LSUMail Server Settings

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

outlook.office365.com      Port:  587
Encryption Method:  TLS

7/21/2020 2:26:19 PM