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How Can I Sign Up for an LSU Dining Meal Plan? You may sign up for a Meal Plan through your myLSU account after you are registered for classes. Once you are in your account, simply go to Registration Services, then Additional Services. Enter the corresponding Service Code for the Meal Plan you would like to...
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To Request a Student Parking Garage Parking Pass: 1. Log on to myLSU . 2. Click Registration Services to show options. 3. Click Student Parking Garage Request.
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General Information You can schedule courses electronically using the myLSU Portal . This option is available under Registration Services | Schedule Request . For information about LSU Admissions or scheduling...
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To Access Deferred Payment/Payroll Deduct: 1. Log into the myLSU Portal . 2. Select Registration Services , then select Defer Pymt/Payr Deduct .
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