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System Security and Access LSU Faculty360 creates a safe environment for faculty information while still making it easy for campus stakeholders to securely access that information. Key administrators can tap in one central repository as needed without making several requests to faculty throughout the year for information about their activities. As a...
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Streamlined Review LSU Faculty360 can save many people on campus significant time and effort with streamlined review and can make current paper-based review processes far more efficient. Digitized and streamlined personnel review processes such as for annual faculty activity reports, promotion and tenure, sabbatical leave requests, and more. ...
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Faculty360: Timeline Phase 1: Replace decentralized paper-based annual review process. Spring 2016 Configuration of LSU Faculty360.
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Web Services: Faculty Profiles Web services relieve faculty and IT staff from the burden of having to manually update information that is displayed on faculty profiles. The LSU Faculty360 system may be synced with some campus websites to keep faculty profiles on campus websites up-to-date at all times.
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LSU Faculty360 Data Entry Guide The LSU Faculty360 Data Entry Guide can be accessed through the attachment below. Referenced from: ...
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Faculty360: Data Validation 1. Data Validation Please click on the following screens to verify that the data that has been imported for you is correct.
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Importing from LSU Libraries Discovery System 1. Visit the Libraries home page, and search Author and name in Discovery. Discovery pulls citations from a variety of databases, but it is not comprehensive.
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Accounting Services Forms Go directly to the Accounting Services web site to download the latest version of the form. Included Forms: ...
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LSU Approved Fonts The LSU Approved Fonts are: Arial, Arial Narrow, Meta, Museo, Roboto, and Whitney. Arial is the easiest to read as a body text. Meta and Arial are...
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The LSU business system templates include pieces that are frequently the first contact with our external audiences. These items should present a consistent design, color palette, and typeface. Complete information about the proper use of this font is managed through the LSU Office of...
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