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General Information In LSUMail, you can change settings to ensure that messages from certain individuals are NOT sent to your Spam folder. This is also known as creating a whitelist. These steps can also be used to ensure that messages with certain subjects and other characteristics are not sent to the Spam folder.
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Calendar Sharing Problem When trying to share your LSUMail Calendar you get an error message about "permissions". Option 1: Possible Reason & Solution Reason 1: The person you are...
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If You Cannot See Availability When Scheduling: When you use the Scheduling Assistant to help you schedule attendees for a meeting, you can only see the availability information of someone who has a mailbox in LSUMail.
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Currently LSUMail does not allow you to sign or encrypt new messages. ITS is working with Microsoft on this issue. For signed or encrypted messages sent to you by someone on the old LSU Exchange system: Certified messages that went through the...
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By default, Outlook checks for new messages every 30 minutes. Sometimes the interval is even longer if your computer is busy. If you feel that you have new e-mails that are not showing up in Outlook, you have a few options: Option 1: Set up Outlook to check for new messages more often. 1. In Outlook 2016, go to ...
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Not every LSU person has a mailbox in LSUMail. However, most of these people are defined in the LSUMail Global Address List so that you can see their names and addresses when you select them as recipients of your e-mail. To make e-mail delivery work, those people who do not have an LSUMail mailbox...
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Most phishing scams can be avoided by sticking to these basic principles: 1. Treat ALL LINKS as if they are suspicious. (Links include Web Addresses & URLs) 2. Log in with your LSU PAWS ID at official
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E-mail Quota (Maximum E-mail Size) LSUMail (Faculty & Staff) The quota for LSU Faculty & Staff LSUMail Accounts is 50-GB. NOTE : Take such measures as junk mail filtering and deleting unnecessary e-mail messages to help you keep your mailbox clean. Be sure to empty your Deleted...
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Why Do I Need a Password? Think about the number of PIN numbers, passwords, or passphrases you use every day: getting money from the ATM or using your debit card in a store, logging on to your computer or e-mail, signing in to an online bank account or shopping cart...the list seems to just keep getting longer. Keeping track of all of the number,...
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General Information LSU is running a mailing list manager called LISTSERV from L-Soft International . LISTSERV is an e-mail list management software that allows for e-mail newsletters, announcement lists, discussion communities, etc. When...
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