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Multitask and Switch between Applications: 1. While at the Home screen or in an app, quickly double tap the Home button. Recently opened apps will be displayed at the front of the page. NOTE: Slide your finger from left to right to see more applications.
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To View Multiple Calendars on an iPhone: 1.While in the Calendar app, tap Calendars to show the available calendars.
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General Information The iPhone is a smartphone product of Apple. Designed with a touch screen interface, the user friendly interface is one of the reasons why the iPhone is such a popular device. Other features include a built...
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iPhone and iPod Touch are supported on the eduroam wireless network with iOS 2.0 and up. NOTE : If you haven't already downloaded this update, visit the Apple Web site . The following are instructions on how to connect to eduroam...
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To Connect to VPN on an iPhone Device: 1. Open the AnyConnect App . 2. Touch the arrow next to LSU VPN .
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General Information This mobile phone application allows iPhone & Android users to change their office voicemail greeting from their mobile phone. Prerequisites 1. Basic Voicemail Service : subscribe by entering...
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To Access Home Screen and Call Menu During a Phone Call: 1. Make or get a call. 2. Push the Home button, to get to the Home screen while in a call. 3. Touch the top of the screen to go back to the "Call...
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To Open Newsstand: 1. Starting from the home screen, touch Newsstand . 2. Touch any paper that you have in your Newsstand to...
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To Access the Internet on an iPhone 4: 1. Open Safari . 2....
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General Information This article covers the following information : (Click on the link to jump to that part of the article) How to Activate Call Forwarding (Turn this feature ON) How to Change the Call Forwarding Phone...
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