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Before asking for repair of the projector, check the following. If the symptom persists, stop using the projector, be sure to unplug the power plug, and then contact your dealer. Problem ...
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FootPrints is available to LSU Faculty, Students & Staff. For FootPrints to function properly, pop-up blockers must be configured to allow pop-ups for FootPrints . Enter a FootPrints Request 1....
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General Information LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network combines the resources of Louisiana's public and private academic libraries, along with a centralized support staff located on the LSU campus, to produce a dynamic library consortium. The central support staff, commonly referred to as...
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Network Facilities: An engineering department that provides, but is not limited to, the following services: Develop construction specifications Project design and estimating Project management...
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General Information It has been officially announced that on July 15th, the global root DNS name servers will start serving their zones in a secure manner (providing DNSSEC signed material). This will result in larger DNS packet sizes, due to the...
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General Information LSU Faculty and Staff with budgetary authority may submit a request for estimate by filling out and submitting an ITS Work Order. ‘Electronics only’ estimates can usually be provided within 7 work...
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LSU DNSSEC: DNS Security Extensions What is DNSSEC? In short : A secure domain name resolution system . The Domain Name System (DNS) was not designed...
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The following is a brief description on what the Help Desk and NI (Networking Infrastructure) both specialize in. You can decide which one you need to contact from reading the following. ITS Help Desk: The ITS Help Desk is the primary customer interface for information, access and assistance related to the services provided by our...
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Building Designation Codes (Last Updated on 02/09/15) IMPORTANT NOTE : If you are entering a Mysoft Work Order (& it includes Building...
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Enter a UNI Work Order 1. Go to the following site: .
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