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Data Classification Data at LSU can be classified into three categories (Confidential, Private or Public). Confidential data has a high level of sensitivity. Private data has a moderate level of sensitivity. Public data has a low level of sensitivity. Each category carries a different level of access and reputation risk. PS06.20...
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IT Policy Statements: Quick Reference NOTE: This is an abbreviated list of commonly referred to Policy Statements. This is NOT a comprehensive list. For details on ALL IT Polices & Laws,...
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Overview This article will explain how to enroll and download a client certificate from InCommon Cert Manager. The client certificate will be used to "Sign" and / or "Encrypt" your e-mail messages. NOTE: This article assumes you have already received a provisioning e-mail...
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Mission, Goals, Motivations, Vision, and Values: ITS Mission : Information Technology Services provides technology infrastructure and services that advance teaching and learning, enable research, enrich the student IT experience, and effectively manage institutional information, in...
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Events hosted by LSU ITS are listed in the LSU Calendar. 1. Go to the LSU Calendar . 2. Click All for a listing of All events.
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Database Administration entails the creation, modification, and maintenance of data base structures to hold enterprise data; the tuning of those structures to ensure good retrieval performance; and the setup and monitoring of image copies and other mechanisms for backup and recovery purposes.
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LSU Building Coordinators The Building Coordinator for Fred Frey Computing Services Center is Jeremy Songne. Building Coordinators are Facilities Employee that provides various services to a building or set of...
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Service Name Frey Computing Services Center –Furniture Acquisitions for 1 st and 2 nd Floor...
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Service Name Frey Computing Services Center Building and Grounds...
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Service Name Frey Computing Services Center Building and Grounds Notifications and...
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