Networking: Bluecat Network Registration FAQ

The following is a guide to Bluecat Device Registration Portal, formerly NetReg, Louisiana State University's online network registration system:

What is Bluecat DRP?

If you are trying to use your laptop on campus with a wired connection, and have not accessed the LSU Network already, you will be prompted to log in to this website. If you don't log on using Bluecat, you won't be able to access the Internet. This security precaution is vital so that there are no anonymous users accessing the University network. Registration is typically only required once a year, and once a computer is registered it can be moved anywhere on campus.

If you are a guest but are not a member of the faculty or staff and need to have an account with Bluecat, you should talk with a faculty or staff member you are affiliated with. Guest accounts are only created by faculty and staff members for their personal guests. If you and the faculty or staff member are still having trouble, you may both go to the Service Desk at Frey Computing Services for help in creating an account. These accounts last for one week.

The device registration portal will only allow logins of user accounts with 3 characters or more. Any user with a username of two characters or less will need to put in an incident request for a new sponsored account using three characters or more. Once a user has a sponsored account created, they will be able to use the device registration portal to register devices and manage registrations.

What Happens to my Computer?

Registering with Bluecat does not affect the way you use your computer. In fact, you won't even notice Bluecat except during registration. Every time that you use the University's network, your computer will be assigned an LSU IP address so that the system can track the use of your computer. This IP address may change based on your location on campus. When you register with Bluecat, your computer will be assigned a name that will remain the same regardless of where you are at the University.

If you have a problem setting up the Online Network Registration, the Service Desk will be able to advise you of the necessary connection settings to register your computer. Usually the network registration is sufficient for automatic setup, however, in the case that you cannot connect, contact the Service Desk in Frey Computing Services for further assistance. Bluecat is a system that is compatible with almost all devices you are trying to use on campus.

What Else?

If you are a student, faculty, or staff member, you are allowed five concurrent registrations per year. If you have reached your limit and need a new registration, contact the Service Desk so that they may help you purge old registrations. Click HERE to renew a registration or register a computer, printer, or gaming system.

10/25/2023 2:20:31 PM