Frey Meeting Rooms: Lifesize Icon Flex and Video Conference App Support

This article further details the equipment and software applications available within Frey meeting rooms. 


Lifesize Icon Flex

the lifesize icon flex tool and camera


The Lifesize Icon Flex is a business-class video conference solution that allows you to use video collaboration tools such as Teams, Zoom, and more. It consists of the following:

  • Touchscreen phone with integrated mics and speaker
  • 360° audio microphone pickup
  • Dedicated IP phone, use for all of your audio calls
  • Quiet pan/tilt 6x zoom camera
  • Greater than 70° field of view
  • Remote to control volume and camera


The Lifesize Icon Flex can only be used in two modes:

1. As a phone for regular calls.

2. As a video conferencing system in combination with the room PC for video collaboration applications.

For the best experience, use the room PC in combination with your favorite video collaboration application. For Teams and Zoom, it is recommended that you use the actual application, instead of the web application. When using your application, the Icon Flex should already be selected as your source for audio and mic. If not, check your settings.

The Icon Flex is also used as the room PC’s speaker. So sound will only come out of the phone speaker, not the TV.


Video Conferencing Applications Support

When using the room PC, the following video conferencing applications have been tested and guaranteed to work:

  • Zoom
  • Teams

NOTE: These services depend on high quality bandwidth from end to end, as well as high quality endpoints.  If either end does not have a good Internet connection or modern endpoint device, you may experience a poor quality conference.


Using Zoom and Teams

Everything should connect automatically; you can open Zoom and Teams meetings as usual and the phones and cameras should connect automatically. If they don't, the best course of action is to reboot both the camera and phone by removing the power cable from the back of the camera and then plugging it back in. The cameras/phones will only work with the desktop that is integrated into the display in the room, they will not work with a laptop connected through the cable on the wall.

If you need to change the "playback device" for audio, you can click the volume button at the bottom right of the screen on the PC, press the up arrow next to the currently selected speaker, and then choose the playback device you want.

Remember that you will only be able to use the Lifesize phone as a VoIP phone. There is no way to utilize the Lifesize phone as a regular phone while the application is in meeting mode.


Split/Join Meetings

When joining rooms, the system is smart enough to detect this scenario and adjust the room configuration automatically. Room 212 is considered the master room whenever the rooms are in a joined setup. What this means is that if you were to join say 212 and 213, then the room PC in 212 would be the only PC available, and the display of this PC would be sent to both of the room TVs.

You can join two rooms (212 and 213, or 212 and 210), or you can also join all the three rooms. In all instances, room 212 is the master room.

When joining rooms, always remember to press the OFF button on the table cubby. This allows the system to reset itself and properly configure itself for the join setup.

In the event the tables need to be moved for a join setup, please first remember that there are cables attached to the floor. Email for assistance. There are controls and inputs on the wall by the TV in room 212. This would allow you to connect your own device either via a digital input or VGA so you can present in the center of the room.



11/9/2023 1:36:00 PM