Outlook 2016: Create and Update Tasks (Mac)

To Create and Update Tasks in Outlook 2016:

1. Open Outlook 2016.

2. Switch to the Tasks button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Tasks Button

3. Click the New Task button under the Home tab in the top left corner of the window.

New Task button

4. The Task window will open up.

Enter the Name for the task along with the Start, Due, and Reminder.

Task Window

5. When you are done, click Save & Close. The task should appear in the middle of the Outlook window.

Save and Close button

6. To update a task, double-click the desired task you wish to update. The task window should open up. Update the necessary information, and click Save & Close to finish.

Updating a task


Referenced from: Microsoft

9/13/2023 10:50:39 AM