Outlook 2016: Create a Signature

To Create a Signature in Windows Outlook:

1. Open Outlook 2016.

2. Choose File from the toolbar at the top of the screen.

File option on the Home Toolbar

3. Switch to Options on the sidebar.

Options tab on the sidebar in Outlook 2016

4. A window for Outlook Options should appear. Click Mail | Signatures.

Signature option in the Mail tab in the Outlook options window

5. In the Signatures window, click the New button.

New signature option in the Signature and Stationary window

6. In the new dialog box, enter a Name for your signature.

Window to type the new signature

7. Next, type your desired Signature and press OK to save.

Textbox to enter your desired signature

8. The new signature should now appear in all new outgoing emails.

New email window with a signature.


Referenced from: Microsoft

4/1/2024 8:47:50 AM