LSU Library: Report Lost Items

Reporting Lost Items to the LSU Online Library:

1. Navigate to the LSU Online Library website.

2. Hover over the Services dropdown at the top of the screen, and then click Borrowing from LSU Libraries. 

clicking on the services tab in lsu online page

3. Switch to the Lost or Damaged items tab the the top of the Borrowing from LSU Libraries page. 

lost or damaged items tab in LSU online

4. Under the Lost books heading, click on the link that says Lost Materials Form in the second paragraph. 

the link that opens the lost materials form

5. You will then be directed to the form. Fill out all information on the lost item. Make sure to check Yes where is says I have read the policy and am reporting the following item as LOST. Click Submit. 

lost item information page


An alternate way to access the Lost Item form is to go through the My Account page.

1. From the Library Home page, click My Library Account under the Help section. 

accessing the my account link

2. Click Report a lost Book on the My Account page.

reporting a lost book from the my account window

3. You will then be directed the Lost Items form.


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4/8/2024 3:58:29 PM