JMP: Activation / Reactivation (Mac)

To Activate / Reactivate JMP (Mac):

1. Download Installation Data (SID) file for JMP from the JMP download section on TigerWare.  This will be necessary for activating your product. 

2. Open JMP.

3. Click Open License.

JMP Product Licensing window

4. Locate the JMP activation .txt file you downloaded from TigerWare; it is likely found in your Downloads folder. Click on the .txt file then select the Choose button at the bottom right.

Select File window

5. Personalize your JMP License by adding your Administrator Name and Department.

NOTE: It is ok to leave these fields blank.

JMP License Personalization window

6. Click OK.

7. You have completed the licensing of JMP.

License Accepted window



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