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LSU Online: SNAP: How to Add a File: 1. Select your SNAP course from the Welcome page of LSU Online.
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LSU Online: SNAP: How to Add Activities & Resources 1. Select your SNAP course from the Welcome page of LSU Online.
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SNAP: How to manually add users While registered students are automatically enrolled into your SNAP course, you can manually enroll extra participants, such as a Teaching Assistant or Guest Instructor. To Manually Add Users: 1. Click on the Admin .
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Using the Admin Settings in LSUOnline Snap Course: 1. Open the Snap course that you need to make admin changes to. 2. Click the Admin settings button in the to right corner of the Snap course window.
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LSUOnline: SNAP: Course Tools 1. Login to LSUOnline . 2. Click on your course.
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Using the Gradebook in LSUOnline Snap: The Gradebook setup page provides instructors access to set up and make changes to their Snap course gradebook. Options available in this view include creating and editing grade categories and graded items. Accessing the Snap Gradebook: 1....
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To Access Moodle Mail in LSUOnline: 1. Login to your LSUOnline account. 2. On the "Course Tools" page for your course, click Moodle Mail .
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Known Issue is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that uses a combination of satellite and phone to provide internet access to subscribers. It is primarily used in remote areas that are not serviced by cable or DSL internet providers. Because of how works, subscribers may have difficulty accessing the LSU Moodle...
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