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Report Phishing E-mails The LSU IT Security and Policy (ITSP) Team has deployed Cofense Reporter, an application that provides users the ability to report suspicious e-mails to the ITSP team quickly and efficiently. The application will be available for all mailboxes automatically without any user intervention.
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General Information It is important to keep Windows files secure. These steps will show how to create and secure a Windows file share. Also, how do you do the first step for the Windows 7 & Windows 8 Operating Systems. 1. Open the Search feature by pressing "Windows + S" or by...
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Frequently Asked Questions What are viruses? Viruses are malicious programs which when executed on a computer produce an undesired effect. While this effect may not be noticeable, often viruses delete or corrupt files and incorporate means to spread themselves. Commonly, viruses are spread through email and instant messaging...
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