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This article will explain how to Unsubscribe from the LSU Emergency Text Message system through myLSU. (Note: You will be automatically removed from the text messaging list 6-months after separation from the University.) To Unsubscribe from Emergency Text Message in the myLSU Portal: 1. Log...
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MyLSU Portal: Computing Services...
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Problem Tickets are useful to LSU Students, Faculty, and Staff. If one is experiencing any problems with computer software, hardware, or any LSU based application, simply submit a Problem Ticket detailing the problem. Shortly after posting a ticket, IT will research the problem and post any solutions. To Access IT Support through the myLSU...
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To Access FilesToGeaux through the myLSU Portal: 1. Log into myLSU . 2. Select Computing Services | FilesToGeaux...
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How to Access IMS/TSO Account Requests: 1. Log into myLSU . 2. On the left hand side panel, expand Computing Services and click IMS/TSO Account Request .
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To Access Microsoft Imagine Academy through the myLSU Portal: (*GROK Overview: Microsoft Imagine Academy: LSU Overview . | *TigerWare Entry: ...
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General Information LSU Faculty and staff can sign up for the LSU-ITINFO LISTSERV through the myLSU Portal. This will allow ITS to notify you through e-mail of any IT events, major changes, planned and unexpected services outages, and emergency information. Sign Up Now 1. Log into...
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[Return to myLSU Portal Overview] General Information: In the Software Downloads section of the myLSU portal, a student or faculty member can find numerous different types of software available to him or her. Almost everything one could need on his...
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You can go directly to Training Seminars by visiting: . To Access Training Seminars through myLSU: 1. Log into myLSU . 2. Select Computing Services ...
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MyLSU Portal: Department Resources...
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