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General Information Script error messages are prompted when Internet Explorer experiences a problem reading a web page. This can mean that Internet Explorer is having trouble downloading the information, but normally it is an error within a page's code. Script Debugging and Notifications are off, by default, but can be enabled/disabled through the...
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Internet Explorer updates are most commonly made with Windows Updates. To Check for Updates for Internet Explorer: 1. Open Settings by typing in the taskbar search bar.
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Manually Enable JavaScript: 1. Select Tools , then Internet Options. (The tools icon is the...
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How to zoom in or out on a webpage: 1. If you would like to zoom in and out on a web page that you are currently displaying, click the More button in the top right corner of the screen, then use the minus key to zoom out and the plus key to zoom in.
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General Information Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, or IE 10, is the built in web browser for the Windows operating system. It provides a quick and responsive web...
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In order to log on to your LSU e-mail from a Web browser, you must configure your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from the myLSU Portal. If you are using the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, you should be prompted to allow pop-ups when you attempt to log in. If you would like to manually set up your...
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Internet Explorer: Disabling Add-on's Internet Explorer only allows users to remove Add-ons which you installed directly. Third-party add-on's cannot be removed, however they can be Disabled as described below. 1. Open Internet Explorer. 2. Click...
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General Information Internet Explorer 8 is a web browser released in Spring 2009. It is currently archived and NOT a recommended web browser. Download &...
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Accessibility: Always expand ALT text for images This offers the option to expand an image to fit all the...
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The following options should be listed under the Brower Settings tab: Automatically check for...
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