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As you are web browsing, it is often helpful to know whether or not a website is secure. Fortunately, Google Chrome can detect whether or not the website you are viewing has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The SSL is a tool that ensures the safe transmission and encryption of data. Website Security: If Google Chrome detects that the...
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Current Issues: - Google Chrome blocks downloads : You were either trying to download a malicious file, or you were downloading a file from a site known to distribute malware. - Fix file download errors in Google Chrome : Check your internet connection, try to...
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Chrome: Functionality Issues 1. Importing Firefox Bookmarks Does Not Wor k : Some have resolved this issue by editing their registry. Instructions can be found at .
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Spreadsheets: When you click on one cell, it sometimes focuses on another cell above it: This problem seems most prevalent after doing copy and paste. Close and reload the spreadsheet. This usually resolves the issue. Docs: Comments don't work as expected: Pressing...
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Performing searches take a long time, and I see "Resolving proxy..." in the lower-left of the window : This can occur when your proxy settings are set to "Automatically detect." To Change Your Proxy setting to Fix this Isue: 1. Select Tools from the top...
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General Information Mozilla Firefox is a robust, full-featured browser for Windows that makes browsing more efficient. It features a large collection of unique and very useful add-ons, and it is one of the...
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To Enable Firefox Cookies: 1. Select Options from the Firefox tools menu. 2....
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To Install Firefox: 1. Click the Free Download button on the Mozilla Firefox Download Site .
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Subscribing to the GROK RSS feed through Firefox only takes a few moments. By adding GROK to the feeds list, your only a click away! NOTE: We recommend that you use the most up-to-date version of Firefox. Please follow these steps to subscribe to the GROK RSS feed: 1. Open the LSU GROK webpage in your firefox browser. ...
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This article shows the Advanced section of Firefox's preferences and the options that allow the user to make many in-depth changes to the web browser. NOTE: This article will explain all five of the sections listed on tabs under the Advanced Preferences page: General, Data Choices, Network, Update, and Certificates....
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