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LSU Wireless Settings SSID: eduroam EAP Method: PEAP Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2 Server CA...
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To Connect to eduroam using a Samsung Galaxy: 1. Open the Settings application. 2....
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General Information: This article explains how to set up an Android-Based Mobile Device to use the ActiveSync Protocol for accessing the LSUMail e-mail system.
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Connect to eduroam: Manual Configuration Steps This article shows how to connect your Motorola RAZR to the eduroam wireless network using the Manual configuration. 1. Click...
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Connecting a XOOM to eduroam Wireless Network 1. From the home screen select the wireless logo at the bottom...
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This article will tell you how to install the Cisco AnyConnect Client on your Android device in order to access the LSU network through a VPN connection. To Install the AnyConnect App on an Android...
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WARNING : Factory Reset will permanently delete ALL of your data and customized settings, and will also remove any installed applications. Perform...
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General Information The BlackBerry is a smartphone product of BlackBerry. There a number of different BlackBerry models with...
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Importing the user's Outlook Address Book to a BlackBerry requires two major steps. The first step involves saving the address book as a .CSV file. The second step involves importing the .CSV file into a BlackBerry. Saving Your Address Book as a .CSV File: 1. First, in Outlook, select the File field and...
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It is important to remember that the electronic device must be turned off when inserting or removing the SIM card. 1. Remove the battery panel. This can be achieved by by pressing the battery release button.
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