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These instructions will help the user set up personal ringtones: To save a ringtone: 1. Click a ringtone with an audio file, such has .mid, mp3, .wav, on a web page. 2. While the ringtone is playing, press the Menu key.
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In order to determine if your BlackBerry is unlocked for general use: 1. Go to Options > Advanced Options > Sim Card . 2. Type MEPD . A new menu will pop up. Note : If your...
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The following pixel dimensions are provided to ensure a good fit when establishing wallpaper sizes for your BlackBerry device: 72xx series- 240 x 160 71xx series- 240 x 260 8100 series- 240 x 260 87xx series- 320 x 240 8800 series- 320 x 240 Settings the Wallpaper Image: 1....
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BlackBerry vs. Mac Computer Problem Finally Solved: Using your BlackBerry device on a Mac is now easier than ever. Mac OS 10.3.9 or 10.4 and above (including Intel Duo Technology) is required for PocketMac for BlackBerry. It enables you to add new applications on your BlackBerry as well as combine your contact numbers, emails, tasks, calendar, and notes...
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Below are instructions on how to find out which version of iOS you are running on your iPad: 1. Search and tap on the Settings app.
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iPhone and iPod Touch are supported on the eduroam wireless network with iOS 2.0 and up. NOTE : If you haven't already downloaded this update, visit the Apple Web site . The following are instructions on how to connect to eduroam...
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To Connect to VPN on an iPhone Device: 1. Open the AnyConnect App . 2. Touch the arrow next to LSU VPN .
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