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Simple Restart: Option one: Turn iPad off and on . NOTE : This is the easiest and preferred method. Option two: Hold the ...
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To Print From Safari on an iPhone: 1. From the home Screen tap the Safari icon from the bottom of the screen.
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You can use Spotlight to search your entire iPad if you are looking for something specific. To Search Using Spotlight: 1. Go to the home screen and swipe right from the left of the screen.
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Users in need of help with installing, downloading or even using iTunes can visit one of the following Sites for assistance. Use these sites to: Download iTunes, visit For iTunes troubleshooting,...
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Finger Gestures: Tap : When you want to select something, like and application or onscreen button. Tap and hold : To move or delete apps or bring up options on internet pages. Slid : Quickly swipe your finger in a horizontal motion to switch from pages on home screen. ...
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Connect an Android Device to LSU's eduroam Wireless Network 1. Open Settings and tap Wi-Fi .
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General Information The Kindle Fire is one of six E-readers sold by Amazon . Unlike the others, the Kindle Fire offers a...
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LSU Wireless Settings Network SSID: eduroam Security: 802.1x EAP EAP Method: PEAP Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPV2 CA Certificate & Client Certificate: Blank or (Not Specified) Identity: Enter your PAWS ID ( Anonymous...
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