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The user preference link area currently allows instructors and students to change their first name as it appears on their courses and user profile for future courses.

Note: You can only change your preferred name once. If you need to reset or update your preferred name after it has been changed, you will need to contact the Faculty Technology Center so the Moodle Administrator can reset it.

Change the User Preferences

  1. Log on to Moodle.
  2. Click the User Preferences link, located in the Course Preferences  block at the bottom of the front page of Moodle.

    user preferences link in the course preferences block
  3. For students, type the new first name that you would like to appear on Moodle. Click the Save Changes button.Setting a student's user preferences in course preferences
  4. For instructors:
  • Type the new first name that you would like to appear on Moodle.
  • Reset restored grade items has nothing to do with a preferred name, but affects course backups instead.  Check the box to reset offset and curve-to values to 0 when a backup is restored. If unchecked, the offset and curve-to values will be restored from the archive.
  • Click the Save Changes button.
    Setting an instructor's user preferences in course preferences


NOTE: The custom first name will only appear on courses that are created after this preference is set. It will not apply to courses that have already been created.

Support & Training

Support and training for Moodle is available via the Faculty Technology Center at For more information, please see the following article: Faculty Technology Center: LSU Overview

Attending at least one training session for Moodle upgrades is highly recommended. For a comprehensive list of training sessions, as well as to register for a slot, please see

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