Cherwell: Work Intake

Creating a New Work Intake Ticket

Users can create a new Work Intake ticket through both the shortcut menu and File menu of the Cherwell client. Select New ITS Change to start the request.

new work intake option


New Ticket

The user must input all applicable information, all fields are required: Change Type, Title, Description, Service Impacted, Primary Configuration Item, Proposed Start and End Dates, Risk Assessments, and Implementation Manager.  

If necessary, use the Zoom button to enlarge the description field and add more information.


new low risk work intake ticket form


If the risk of the request is Medium or High, the user is required to assign a Service Owner.

new med/high risk work intake ticket form



Use the Attach option to attach any screenshots or supplementary documents to the ticket.

attach document


Add comments and notes to the ticket by clicking New in the Arrangement Panel window, at the bottom of the screen. Select New JournalComment to create a new comment. Select Save when complete to attach to the ticket.

new journal- comment


Once the form is complete, submit the ticket by clicking Move to Assessing.

submit ticket



The PMO will review the ticket and vet the change against authorized standard changes, adding additional notes if necessary. The PMO reviewer can see the provided request details by selecting View Complete Request Details.

Once complete, select Central Support to push the ticket to the next step.

submit to central support


Central Support

Central Support’s role is to manage the request and to send to appropriate teams as necessary for their input. Central Support gathers relevant information for the request and can set the final disposition or send the request forward to EA Leadership. Central Support can send the request to the various stages by selecting the appropriate link in the Select Next Step area on the form.

stages available for central support


Central Support should assign an Implementation Manager & Team to the ticket and then click Send to Manager/Director for Review. The Implementation Manager will receive a notification that the ticket has been sent to them for further processing.

send to implementation manager


If the ticket is related to a Security Incident, check the appropriate box and select Send to Security for Review.

security review options


Once the Implementation Manager and Security Team (if needed) have had a chance to review the request click EA Leadership to send to Enterprise Architecture leadership for further processing. This step may not be necessary if the request is determined to be:

  1. A Standard Change
  2. Pattern Based Activity
  3. Functional Lead Denies Request
  4. Canceled
  5. Returned to Requestor

If the request is determined to be one of the statuses listed above, select the appropriate final disposition and click the save icon next to the final disposition drop-down. The request will be closed and appropriate members of the request will be notified.

Manager/Director Status

Once the ticket is in the Manager/Director Status, the Risk Assessment, and work required fields must be completed. This includes a sign-off from a Director (medium risk) or Data Steward/System Owner (high risk) depending upon the level of risk. To include the sign-off, either attach the document via the Attach action or copy and paste the sign-off information into a journal.

attaching director/data steward approval


If the resources and amount of work hours needed to complete the request are known, complete the Work Hours Needed to Complete Request and the subsequent rich text fields. 

work hours needed request


Click the save icon on the toolbar to keep changes.

save the current item


Before forwarding the request to Central Support, if additional notes/comments were added to the journal, check the Check if Additional Notes Added checkbox at the bottom of the form to notify other areas that additional notes were added for their review.

additional notes added


Security Review Status

Once the ticket is in the Security Review Status, the Security team should review the request. They should attach any documentation necessary, or add journal comments as necessary. If additional notes/comments are added to the journal, check the Check if Additional Notes Added checkbox at the bottom of the form to notify other areas that additional notes were added for their review.

Once the review is completed, click Central Support to send the request back to Central Support for further processing.

security view


EA Leadership

Once the ticket is in EA Leadership stage, EA Leadership should review the request. EA Leadership can send to the request to the CTO stage for governance council review. Clicking CTO will send the request forward to the CTO.

EA Leadership may also send the request back to Central Support for clarification. This is done by clicking Central Support under Select Next Step

steps available for EA leadership


Finally, EA Leadership may close the request out by selecting the Final Disposition and clicking the save icon next to the final disposition drop-down.

EA leadership action area view


The following statuses will create a change request and notify affected employees:

  1. Required Product Change

  2. Moratorium Exception: Strategic

  3. Submitted as Change Request

  4. Moratorium Exception: Incident w/o Workaround

  5. Moratorium Exception: Compliance

  6. No Competition for TAIL resources

 The following final dispositions will not create a change request and the request will be closed:

1.  Submitted to Phase 0

This will send a notification to the PMO that a project should star

2.  Parking Lot (Hold for Resources)

This status can be used to hold a work intake request until resources are freed up. The request can be re-opened at any time after the request is closed.


Once the request is in CTO stage, the CTO should review the request and make a determination on if the request should be brought to the Governance Council for review.

If the request is brought to the council, the CTO can mark the approval date by selecting Governance Approval and then selecting the approval date.

CTO view with notes and approval check highlighted


The CTO can also add notes as needed in the Additional Notes area before sending the request back to the EA Leadership stage.  

Steps available for CTO

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