LSUMail: Setting up a Shared E-mail Account

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LSUMail: Setting up a Shared E-mail Account

To set up a Shared E-mail account on Outlook, follow the steps:

1. Login to your Outlook account.

2. Select the File tab from the Menu bar.

File tab

3. Go to Account Settings, and then click on Account Settings again.

Account Setting

4. Select Email tab.

Email tab

5. Select the Account that you want to share it with , then click on Chage.

Click on Change

6. Click on More Settings.

More settings

 7. Under the Advanced tab, select Add and type the other E-mail address.

Advanced and then add

8. Select Next, then Finish.

Next and then finish

9. Select close.


Referenced From: Microsoft


7/23/2018 1:03:47 PM