Tableau Desktop – Onboarding Resources

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Tableau Desktop – Onboarding Resources

Here are some basic resources for Tableau Desktop Developers. These contents provide a good foundation to start your visualization journey. 

Getting Started Playlist

There are more videos available that go further in depth, but with this playlist being under 60 minutes, it's a great place for someone to start to wrap his or her head around Tableau. 

On the Tableau Training webpage there are plenty of other training videos on different topics. 

In addition, the following links are resources users should be aware of:

Tableau Community: The Tableau Community has over 150,000 users and is a great place to get answers.

Support Knowledgebase: If a user is having an issue on some certain topic, this is a great resource. 

Tableau Desktop and Web Authoring Help: This is a comprehensive guide to Tableau Desktop.

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