Tableau Server Site Admin – Request/Remove Users Access

To Request/Remove A User's Access to Tableau Server:

**All users need to be in the LSU Active Directory in order to login to Tableau Server. As a Tableau Server Site Admin, you will need to submit the ITS Service Desk ticket to request users to be added to your BI Tableau <Your Site Name> Users group in the LSU Active Directory.**

1. Log into myLSU and submit an ITS Service Desk ticket by selecting Problem Ticket Submission.


Problem Ticket Submission link


2. Using your PAWS ID and password to login. Select New Incident to start the process. Fill in the ticket of all the require fields in red.


New Incident page



Summary = Request or Remove Access to Tableau Server Site

Status = Service Request

Type = Service Request

Category = General


3. In the Description box, you will need to provide this info:

  • Your Tableau Server Site name.

  • The PAWS ID of the person(s).

  • Indicate the person(s) request/remove admin or view access.


4. Go to the Agents and Notifications section and add SAS_BI agent.


Agents & Notifications options


5. Click Save once. Tableau Server Admin will process the request accordingly.


****If you have questions or need assistances, please submit an ITS Service Desk Footprint ticket for assistance.****

6/21/2019 1:31:34 PM