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A Group Event will be visible to a particular Group on the course (chosen from a drop-down list).

To Create a Calendar Group Event:

1. Log in to Moodle and select View my calendar under the Deadlines column located on the right hand side of your listed courses.

View my calendar button under deadlines column on moodle


2. You can filter the calendar by monthday, or upcoming events by clicking the drop down arrow. Additionally, you can filter the calendar by course by clicking the All courses drop down arrow.

Filter calendar by month, day, or upcoming events button

Filter calendar by courses button


3. You can also click the month and year arrows to change the month you would like to view.

Calendar with month and year arrows highlighted

4. Select New Event in the top right corner of the screen.

New event button in the calendar in moodle

5. Enter the required information and change the preferred settings.

  • General Settings: Make sure to select Group as the Type of event.

 Calendar general  settings, showing event type, group, title, description, and date

  • Duration Settings

 Calendar duration settings, showing date option or minute option

  • Repeated Events Settings

repeated events settings, showing repeat event option or repeat weekly until a max number is reached

6. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen when finished.

Save changes button in moodle

7. The new Group Event can now be seen in yellow in the calendar block.

Group event shown on calendar icon in moodle

To Hide / Show Group Events:

1. To hide group events on the calendar, click Hide Group Events at the bottom of the Calendar block.

Hide group events button on calendar in moodle

2. To show group events on the calendar, click Show Group Events at the bottom of the Calendar block.

Show group events button on calendar in moodle


Referenced from: Moodle Docs

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