MacOS Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13), and Mojave (10.14): Connecting to eduroam

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General Information

For more information on the LSU Wireless Network, view the following article:  Wireless at LSU.

Connect to the eduroam Wireless Network

1. Click the wifi logo and find eduroam on the available wireless network list. Select eduroam from drop-down menu.

Mac network list with eduroam connected

2. Enter your as your username and your PAWS login password as your password, then press Join.

Wifi login on Mac OSX

3. You should now be connected to eduroam. 


Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

Have you changed your password recently? Try following the directions here in order to enter your new password - Wireless: Delete a Wireless Network (Mac OS X+)


Is This a New Laptop or Have You Recently Traveled Abroad?

Make sure your computer's time zone (found under date and time preference) is set to Central US. If your time zone is not set correctly you will not be able to connect to eduroam.


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