myLSU Portal: Tax Documents

Note: Except for Form 1098, tax documents starting from 2016 to the present are now accessible in Workday. Please check your email or consult your supervisor for more information. To view your 1098, please view the instructions below.


Viewing Form 1098 Tax Documents in the myLSU Portal:

1. Log into myLSU.

2. Select Student Resources at the top of the page. 

myLSU homepage, student resources tab


3. Under Student Financials, select My Tax Forms (Prior to July 2016).

Student financials section, my tax forms (prior to july 2016) selected

4. Use the Drop down menu to choose which document you want to look at. Click GO. 

choosing which tax document to view with go button at the right

5. The Tax document will be displayed. 


7/29/2020 3:43:23 PM