VoiceThread: Submitting a Create-A-VoiceThread Assignment

To Submit a Create-A-VoiceThread Assignment:

1. Log in to Moodle.

2. Open up your desired course.

3. Select the VoiceThread assignment assigned by your instructor.

4. The VoiceThread assignment will open up. Select the Create one link in the middle of the screen.

Create VoiceThread button

5. Choose the Create a new VoiceThread option to upload new content or the Select from my VoiceThreads option to choose from a library of previously uploaded content. 

VoiceThread creation options

6. Click the Add Media button and then select your source from the dropdown list to upload your VoiceThread.

Add Media optionAdd Media sources

7. After adding your media, fill in the Thread Settings as necessary and click Save at the bottom right.

Thread Settings window, including title, description, and tags

8. An overview of your created VoiceThread should appear. You may Add Media and Comment if necessary. Select Share and Return to Course when you have finished looking over it.

Share and Return to Course option

9. Select Submit/Share with [Your Course].

Submit/Share with Course option

10. You have successfully submitted your Create-A-VoiceThread assignment.

Referenced from: VoiceThread.com

11/26/2019 1:55:12 PM