TurningPoint Clickers: Purchasing & Registering a Clicker/License


example of a srs clicker

TurningPoint Clickers:

Returning Students (Purchased a Clicker & License in a Previous Semester)

If you purchased and registered a license and clicker in a previous semester, you will not need to register again through Moodle. You will only have to input a new license code when your license expires. You can check your account by going to http://account.turningtechnologies.com.

Obtain a Clicker

Clickers and/or Licenses can be obtained in one of the following ways:

  1. Purchase a Clicker and/or license at the LSU Bookstore.  (lsu.bncollege.com) *see note below*
  2. Purchase a Clicker and/or license directly from Turning Technologies*see note below*
  3. Borrow / Purchase a Clicker from a fellow student; who no longer needs a Clicker. A student will still need to purchase a license. *see note below*

NOTE: **If a student already owns a clicker, he/she will need to purchase a license. If a student purchases just a license they will receive information on a mail in rebate.**

Registering a Clicker/License

1. Students are required to purchase a TurningPoint Account license to participate in TurningPoint Cloud sessions. An account license must be purchased if the student is using the ResponseWare (mobile device) or the clicker.

The below steps will be available once your professor adds the link to Moodle.

2. Log into your own Moodle account.

IMPORTANT: It is crucial that you use your own Moodle account to register in order to make sure everything works correctly.

3. Navigate to the course in which you are using the clicker.

4. Click the link for TurningPoint Cloud Registration System within your course.

5. Click on "Create an Account"

6. Enter your LSU email address and click Create.

7. Check your email and click the link to verify your Turning Account. (if you do not see an email, please check your clutter or junk folder)

8. Enter all required fields as noted by the asterisks.

9. Enter and confirm your password in the fields provided. **Important - When entering in a password, DO NOT enter in your LSU password, choose a different password.**

10. Select the box labeled "By checking this, you agree to comply with the End-User License Agreement and Terms of Use."

11. Click Finish.

12. If you have a license code and/or device ID, enter them in the appropriate box and click Redeem and/or Register.

13. Click Finish.

NOTE: You will not enter a code in Turning for your instructor. Creating an account and logging into TurningPoint through Moodle will make the connection to LSU and your instructor.

the managing licenses window

Purchase or Redeem a License

1. A Turning Account license is required for responses from response devices or ResponseWare to be tracked by the instructor. The Turning Account license also includes a ResponseWare license.

2. Sign in to your own Turning Account (access through your own Moodle course).

3. Click License from the main screen.

4. Do one of the following:

  • If you have already purchased a license code from your bookstore, click Add License, enter the code in the License Code field, and click Redeem

  • If you have not purchased a license code, click Add License and then click Purchase a License. Your browser will be directed to the Turning Technologies Student Store.

one year license screen

Account Verification

If you have completed the process of setting up an account through Moodle and have entered in a license code and keypad ID, then you will see three green checks on your account Dashboard.

The 3 green checks will verify that you have completed the steps correctly.

 NOTE: If you are having issues with inputting a license code please call the Student Support line at Turning Technologies 866.746.3015 from 7 am to 8 pm Monday-Sunday.

The dashboard window

Did you purchase just a license and not a bundle?

      If so, click here to find out about the Mail in Rebate.

Referenced from: Turning Technologies

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