LSUMail: Set Up a Signature Outlook 2016 (Mac)

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To Set up a Signature in Outlook 2016 Using a Mac:

1. In Outlook 2016

2. Click Outlook on the top menu then Preferences.

Preferences commond the outlook tab

3. This screen will appear. Click Signatures under the E-mail section to create a signature.

Personal Settings in outlook preferences

4. After you click Signatures, this screen will appear showing your current signatures.

Signatures options window


The + and - signs at the bottom of the screen are used to Add or Delete signatures.

Add/Subtract icon

  • Click "+" to add a new signature.

5. Double-click Untitled to give your signature a title.  You can have several signatures to be used for different types of e-mails.

6. In the right pane, type the lines of text that you want in your signature. To format, select the text and click Format on the top menu.

signature tab

Format Menu


7. To add a picture to your signature, drag a picture from your desktop onto your formatting box.

.jpeg thumbnail

Signature tab


8. When you finish formatting your signature, close out of the box and it will save your settings.


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