LSUMail: Bypass Spam Filter

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General Information

In LSUMail, you can change settings to ensure that messages from certain individuals are NOT sent to your Spam folder.  This is also known as creating a whitelist.  These steps can also be used to ensure that messages with certain subjects and other characteristics are not sent to the Spam folder.

To Bypass Spam Filter:

1. Open LSUMail and click the Settings gear icon. A sidebar will appear.

2. Click the Mail link, the second link at the bottom section of the sidebar.

mail settings link


3. Click the Inbox and sweep rules link in the right sidebar on the page. It is under the Mail section, within the Automatic processing subsection, and listed as the third option. (If you're using the newer verision of the Outlook web client, the tabs "inbox and sweep rules" will appear seperately as shown below.)

inbox and sweep rules link in outlook settings

4. Click the + icon at the left of the page under the Inbox rules header to create a new rule, then enter the Rule Information.  (Fields include:  Name, Conditions, Actions, Exceptions.) Be sure to uncheck "Stop processing more rules" at the bottom if you would like multiple or future rules to apply to these emails.

Example:  To ensure that e-mails from LSU's Emergency Text Messaging System DO NOT get sent to Spam, select It was sent or received > Recieved from... and enter "" at the top text box in the pop up dialog box.

the plus button for creating new mail rules in outlook

new inbox rule form

5. To finish creating the rule, click the OK button at the top left of the pop up. 

the ok button to create a new rule in outlook


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