E-mail: Change to LSU E-mail Forwarding

LSU Forwarding E-mail Accounts

Changes have been made to the LSU Forwarding E-mail Accounts.  

These changes affect  (1) Applicants to LSU,  (2) LSU Students who have NOT set up a LSUMail Account  (Those who opted to have their LSU e-mail Forwarded to another e-mail address), &  (3) LSU Faculty & Staff who have NOT set up an LSUMail Account.  (Opted to have their LSU e-mail forwarded to another e-mail address.) 

Applicants to LSU & Current LSU Students

1.  Applicants to LSU  

The e-mail address that you used when you applied to LSU is VISIBLE  in the LSU Global Address List which is accessible to ALL LSU Employees.  

If an applicant is uncomfortable with the e-mail address that appears for them in the LSU Global Address List, they may request to change the e-mail address by contacting the Admissions Office.

2.  Current LSU Students

If your LSU e-mail is set to FORWARD to an alternate e-mail address, your Forwarding E-mail Addresses IS VISIBLE to All LSU Employees in the LSU Global Address List.

If you DO NOT want this Personal E-mail Address to be Visible:

1. Set up E-mail Forwarding in LSUMail.   (Forwarding this way WILL NOT EXPOSE your Forwarding E-mail Address in the LSU Global Address List.)

LSU Faculty & Staff

3.  LSU Faculty & Staff who have chosen to have their e-mail forward to an alternate e-mail address now have an LSUMail Mailbox created automatically by ITS.  This is to allow for required e-mail archiving.  

Your LSUMail Account, has been automatically configured to Forward to  [the Forwarding E-mail Address in your current settings].     

(NOTE:  This is a ONE-TIME ONLY Occurrence. All new Faculty & Staff will have to manually set up e-mail forwarding if they wish to forward their e-mail.)

LSU Faculty & Staff who would like to access their new LSUMail inboxes (to remove forwarding, update settings, update their forwarding addresses, etc.)  will need to Register an LSUMail Password to be able to login.

LSU Faculty & Staff currently using LSUMail who would like to have their e-mail forwarded, can Manually Set Up E-mail Forwarding Through LSUMail.



3/4/2020 11:31:25 AM