Technology Support Professionals (TSPs): LSU Overview

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General Information

LSU Information Technology Services values highly its association with the IT professionals who support technology in each campus, academic, and administrative department. We work closely with our LSU Technology Support Professionals (TSPs) to engage them in IT related services and programs. ITS holds Spring and Fall Information Technology; Forums, Fairs, Tech Talks, Technology Workshops, and we are continually engaging the TSP group in technology discussions through the Listserv, Newsletters, Portal -, RSS Feeds, and IT Sub-committees.

IT Forums & Technology Fairs are traditionally held each semester during both Spring & Fall semesters. Tech Talks are offered on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Topics range from new or enhanced services offered by ITS, software demonstrations, technical support tools, computing concepts, or user presentations.

Availability & Request Procedures

Available To:    All LSU TSPs, Technology Support Professional or the Staff Member who supports a department’s computing needs.

Request Service:    Contact the Service Desk at:

ITS Provided Resources

Student Tech Fee Computers:  

  • Question:  Apply for old Tech Fee machines when they are rotated out of the labs & decommissioned?
  • Answer:  In the month of April of each year, Deans, Department Heads, and Student Organizations have a chance to apply for old machines from the student tech fee. A letter from ITS will be sent out in April stating how many and what type of machines are available.  To receive priority on these old machines, respond to the letter as soon as possible. Machines will be distributed in the month of May.

LSU Support & Policy Statements

Service Desk Contact Information

Policy Statements

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