MatLab: LSU Overview

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General Information

MatLab is a mathematical program that can be used for matrix manipulation, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, and the creation of user interfaces.  

For a free alternative to MatLab:

Pre-Installation Notes

System Requirements:  Windows Server 2008 RS SP1 through Windows 10.

Download & Install

Off-Campus:  Students, Faculty & Staff can use MatLab 2017a on the LSU Virtual Lab (VLab).

On-Campus:  Students, Faculty & Staff can use MatLab 2017a in the LSU Public Access Computer Labs.  Labs are located in Middleton Library on the 1st & 2nd floor and in Patrick Taylor 1350.

Training & Support

MathWorks: Training Courses

MathWorks: Training Frequently Asked Questions

MathWorks: Support


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