Apple TV: Connecting to eduroam

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Expectations of Support

ITS has successfully configured and tested the Apple TV with various Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, and MacBook.  The instructions are provided below and ITS will continue to make every effort to support Apple TV and its various applications.

Due to the nature of the Apple TV Protocol & Apple's lack of support for Enterprise Networks, ITS can make NO GUARANTEES that this process will work OR that it will be reliable.  User Support for the Apple TV on the LSU Wireless Network will be LIMITED.

Security Information

It is Highly Recommended that you Set a Custom Name for your Apple TV & Turn ON AirPlay “Onscreen Code

1. Default Name:  There is a potential that you will see multiple Announcements from the same name & you won’t know which one is your Apple TV Device.

2. “Onscreen Code”:  Without this code, ANYONE will be able to use AirPlay on your Apple TV.

  • Set a Custom Name on your Apple TV:

1. Choose: Settings > General > Name > Custom.

2. Use the on-screen keyboard to create a Custom Name.

3. Click Submit.

  • Set an "Onscreen Code" on your Apple TV:

1. Choose: Settings > AirPlay > Onscreen Code > On.

2. Make sure this is set to: On.

Pre-Installation Instructions

Below is a list of the items needed to complete the installation and configuration.

1. A Micro USB Cable.

 different types of USB cables

2. Apple Configurator which is available for download at the following link - Apple Configurator 

3. Apple TV & the Apple TV Power Cord. 

4. An Ethernet cable.  This connects to your Apple TV to the wired LSU network. 

5. Registration on the LSU Network through the BlueCat Registration Portal

6. Both InCommon CA and Root CA are authentication certificates. The two certificates are attached to this article.

NOTE: When your PAWS Password expires, it will need to be replaced on your Apple TV's configured Profile with your new myLSU password. (See Step 6.)

Configuration for This Example

These instructions are based on actual tests performed by ITS using the following:

  • Apple Configurator, Version 1.3.1 (274)
  • Mac Mini OS X, Version 10.8.4
  • Apple TV Model MD199LL/A, Software Version 5.3 (6105)

Installation Instructions

1. Begin by installing Apple Configurator on your mac.  Once this is done, connect your Apple TV to your mac via a micro USB cable. You will also need to make sure that the power cord is connected.

2. Make sure that your Apple TV is already connected, then open Apple Configurator. You will see a screen like this. Ensure the settings in your computer are the same as the ones in the window below.  At the bottom of the window, select "Install Profiles…" in the profiles field.

apple configurator - install profiles command.

3. The “Connect an iOS device” window will pop up. Click “Next” to continue at the bottom right-hand corner.

Connect an iOS device windows - next command.

4. Click “Next” at the bottom-right hand corner to continue.

next command.

5. Click New under "Choose profiles to install on the device" to create a new profile.

new profile screen.

6. The window will open to the General tab. In the box that says Name, type "eduroam".

Apple Configurator indicating to enter a display name

7. Next, select the tab to the left that says "Wi-Fi". Then click the configure button in the center of the screen.

Apple Configurator showing the Wi-Fi tab

8. Continue to fill in the information on your screen to match the information given in the image below.

Apple Configurator showing the Wi-Fi payload tab

9. Scroll down and click the box next to "PEAP", then, enter your paws credentials in the Username and Password box. 

Apple Configurator prompting the user to enter their username and password

10. In this step you will add the two authentication certificates that you downloaded earlier. They are attached to this article. Scroll down to the Tab labeled "Certificate" and click the "configure" button. When you do, a dropdown menu will appear. Select the "root_ca.cer". Once added, click the "+"button towards the upper right of the the box. The dropdown menu will again appear. Now select the "incommon_ca.cer". If done properly, you should see two certificates in the box. 

Apple Configurator showing the Certificate tab

Apple Configurator showing the certificates

11. Return to the "Wi-Fi" tab and click on the "trust" button under the Enterprise Settings. Select both boxes, then click Save at the bottom right of the window. 

Apple Configurator showing the two checked boxes in the trust section

12. Click the "Prepare" button at the bottom of the window to transfer your newly created profile to your Apple TV. 

Apple Configurator showing the completed tab

13. Disconnect your micro USB cable from your Apple TV. Then connect the Ethernet cable. Connect your Apple TV to your TV or other monitor device and power your Apple TV on. Your Apple TV will prompt you to select a language and connect to the internet via the Ethernet cable. This step is critical because it is the only way for Apple TV to be able to receive an accurate date and time to validate the expiration date of the authentication certificate. After your Apple TV has successfully connected to the internet via the Ethernet cable, you can disconnect it and your Apple TV will automatically connect to eduroam.


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