Windows 8.1: LSU Overview

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General Information

Windows 8.1 is a Microsoft Operating System (OS). It introduces a new shell and user interface based off Microsoft's "Metro" design language.  Metro features a new Start Screen with a grid of dynamically updating tiles to represent applications and a new App Platform with an emphasis on the following:

  • Touch Screen Input.
  • Using the Windows Store to obtain and purchase Applications / Apps.
  • The ability to synchronize Applications and Settings between multiple devices.

Software License Activation

Important Note:  All Microsoft Operating Systems on TigerWare will ONLY WORK if there is an Operating System already installed on your computer.  (Any Operating System will do.)

There are two different ways to activate Microsoft Windows 8.1 at LSU:

1. On The Hub Activation Method:

  • Independent of the LSU Network.
  • Available to Students Only.

2. LSU Enterprise Network Activation Method:

Download Link and Installation Instructions

LSU Students:   *Independent From LSU.  (Activation Type: Product License Key)

Students will receive a Product License Key which allows for ONLY ONE INSTALLATION

Windows 8.1: Download Install File and Retrieve Product Key for Windows 8.1 from On The Hub

Windows 8.1: Installation Instructions (On The Hub Version)

LSU Faculty & Staff:   *Requires On-Campus Activation every 90 days.   (Activation Type: Enterprise Server)

This method of downloading and installing Windows 8.1 requires communication with the LSU License Server, however you ARE NOT limited to only one installation.

Windows 8.1: Download from TigerWare (Enterprise Version)

Windows 8.1: Installation Instructions (Enterprise Version)   (Clean Install)

License Activation Information

Windows Enterprise: Activation Troubleshooting

LSU Microsoft Campus License Agreement

LSU Microsoft Campus Agreement Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Instructions  (Clean Install)

Installation Instructions  (Upgrade)

Training and Support

Windows 8.1: Microsoft Support

Windows 8.1: FAQ's

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