WordPress: How Do I Create Hyperlinks?

Add Hyperlinks within the Content of your Pages

1. Under the category Publish, click on Pages or click on the button Add to the right of Pages.

2. Type and select the text that you want to add the link to. (Example below: "test" is highlighted)

3. Select the chain link icon.

Insert/Edit link button

4. Add the URL link to the URL field into the pop-up box; add a link text unless what you have chosen is what you want for the link text.

a. You will notice a check box option that says "open link in new window/tab" check this option IF you are linking to outside content or sites.

5. You also have the option to make the link go to one of your previous blogs/pages. To do so click the circle according to which page/blog you want to refer to. The link to that page/blog should automatically appear in the URL box.

option to link back to a previous page/blog

6. Then hit Add Link.

7. If you want to delete the link, highlight the text and click Insert/Edit link. Select the Remove icon in the bottom left of the pop-up.

Remove link option

8. You will notice that there are two tabs above your toolbar one reads "Visual" and the other reads "HTML" you may also add or edit hyperlinks using the HTML tab.

Link in HTML view


Linking Media in a Page

1. When editing a page, click the drop-down menu need to the plus icon and select "Add Media."

Add Media button

2. Select Add New or Add via URL. If you click Add New, your documents folder will open up. If you click Add via URL, you can type in or copy and paste the URL of your choice.

Add New or Add via URL

3. Click Open/Upload.


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