myLSU Portal: Software Downloads


If you are using a mobile device to access the myLSU portal, you may need to rotate your phone to landscape mode to access the menu.


General Information:

In the Tigerware section of the myLSU portal, a student or faculty member can find numerous different types of software available to them. Almost everything one could need on their computer to be a successful student or faculty member is available in this area. One can download software for Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems.

To Access Software Downloads through the myLSU Portal:

1. Log into myLSU.
2. From the left panel, select Computing Services | Tigerware:

Tigerware link highlighted in myLSU computing services section

3. After clicking on Tigerware, a new window will open in your browser that will take you to the TigerWare official website.

LSU Tigerware webpage


4/24/2024 8:57:52 AM