myProxy (Students): Inviting a User

This article has not been updated recently and may contain dated material.

Invite Someone to Use myProxy

1. Go to the myProxy web site.

myProxy Header logo.

2. Login with your PAWS ID & Password.

log in screen for myLSU.

3. In the invite box, enter the email address of the authorized user you would like to invite.

myProxy Invite window

4. Read the Authorization for Information Release and Online Account Access.

5. Click I Agree in order to continue.

Agree/Disagree buttons

6. Enter a PIN for the new authorized user to use & click Submit. (**Remember to Securely Share this PIN**)

Pin Setup and Confirmation window

7. The new authorized user will appear in the PENDING box until the PIN is verified.

8. You will be asked what permissions you would like to give to the new authorized user. Check the areas you would like to grant access to.

9. Click Save Permissions.

PAWS Applications Save permissions button.

10. After the new authorized user Verifies the PIN, they will appear in the RELATIONSHIPS box on the myProxy home page & be granted the permissions you have selected.

Relationships; Name area.


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