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Eligibility & Order Procedures

Available To:    

LSU Faculty, Staff, Student Workers & Graduate Students (Upon Request).

Request a Mainframe Account:   

1. Open the myLSU Portal (  

2. Click Computing Services menu from the left side, then choose IMS/TSO Account Request.

3. Mainframe security access can then be requested under Financial Services menu, via Legacy Security Access Request.

Connect to the LSU Mainframe

(NOTE: There Are 3 Different Ways to Connect.)

1. The IBM PComm Application is a Windows Application created by the IBM company and available to download from TigerWare. Compatible with Windows.

Download, Install & Configure the IBM PComm Application.

2. The TN3270 Application is a FREE  OS X Application provided by Mocha and available for download from TigerWare upon approval. It allows computers running Mac OS X to connect to LSU Mainframe. Compatible with Mac OS X.  (This product is a needs-based terminal-emulation program that requires the installation of a client software.)

Download, Install & Configure the TN3270 Application.

3. The TN3270 App is a FREE App for mobile devices available for download from iTunes.  It allows iOS X & Android Devices to connect to the LSU MainframeCompatible with iOS X & Android.

Download, Install & Configure the TN3270 Lite App.

*Mac & iOS M1 chips

Mocha TN3270 product will support M1 chips but if it does not, then Rosetta2 can be used. For use of TN3270 in other cases, please reach out to your departmental IT for a loaner device or a virtual machine/remote desktop setup.

LSU Support & Policy Statements

Service Desk Contact Information

LSU Policy Statements

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