Why Am I Required to Show a Picture ID to Have My Password Reset?


Your student information is readily available to you through your PAWS account.  Access to your PAWS account is controlled by your password.  If you share your password with someone else or someone else somehow becomes aware of your password, that other person could potentially:

  • Sign on to your PAWS account and view whatever is there to view (grades, schedules, directory information)
  • Sign on to your PAWS account and make changes (add or drop courses, change your directory information, change your FERPA options, etc)
  • View your emails
  • Change your LSUMail password
  • Send an email as if you had sent it
  • Change your PAWS password

A faculty member's compromised PAWS ID could result in even more malicious abuse, since it is used to post grades for students in his/her courses.  Also, employee benefit selections and other payroll information are exposed to view and potential compromising changes.

Even a staff member who is not involved in teaching (thus wouldn't have access to student grades) is vulnerable if his/her PAWS password is known to others.  Consider, for instance, that a malicious person accesses an employee's PAWS ID and cancels their health insurance.  This could create some serious consequences for that person.

NOTE: LSU is required by Federal Law (FERPA) to protect student information. For this and the above reasons, LSU must be sure that we do not reset a forgotten password except for the person to whom the account is assigned.  Unfortunately, we are unable to achieve that assurance over the telephone, as any identifying/verifying information in our data bases (phone numbers, LSU id numbers, social security numbers, class schedules, birth dates, etc) are too available to imposters from other sources.


9/13/2016 2:43:09 PM