Facility Services: Overview

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General Information:

LSU's Facility Services is meant to "support the University's vision, mission and goals by providing all campus entities with quality facilities combined with cost effective and responsive maintenance, utilities, design and construction services."

The articles in the Facility Services overview pertain to information that could be used for anything inside a building on LSU's campus. Facility services pertain to automotive repairs, building automation systems, building maintenance, carpentry, custodial services, electrical service, environmental services, fire alarms, HVAC installation and repair, keys, landscape services, moving services, painting, plumbing, roofing repairs, sheet metal, table and chair rental, and utility services. Professional services include construction/renovation, engineering & design, interior design, and planning & development.

For more information look at the LSU Facility Services at: Facility Services

Facility Services documentation:

Building or Facility Numbers

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