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iTunes makes organizing your home movies easy. Once in iTunes you are able to move them onto your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, or watch them on your own TV when using Apple TV. To organize your movies in iTunes: 1. Open iTunes. 2. Next click the Finder icon in the Dock. 3. Find the movie you’d like to add to your...
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Before you burn you movie to a DVD, it is a good idea to preview it. To Preview the DVD : 1. At the bottom of the iDVD window, click the play button. The iDVD window will now be a preview window and also display the iDVD remote control. 2. Then click the down button on...
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iMovie has a rating system to keep your library uncluttered and lets you return to your favorite shots as often as you like. iMovie has four show modes: Favorites Only, Favorites and Unmarked, All Clips, and Rejected Only. To rate: Click and drag across the film strip to select a section. Then click on of the rating buttons.
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When you start making movies you'll probably notice that you prefer to have poor quality video and amazing sound rather then the reverse. This becomes a problem sometimes because most handheld video cameras have omnidirectional microphones. This means that not only do the microphones pick up the sound in front of them but also perceive the sound to the side and back of...
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When reviewing your footage you might fine your self wanting to make small changes such as marking favorites, organizing clips with keywords, or rejecting clips you know you will just never use. To Mark Favorites in iMovie: 1. Select a clip (usually one that you intend on using in your movie). 2. Then click...
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Setting Up the Establishing Shot: Establishing shots have a big purpose in movies. At least one should be used in every movie to establish the feel of the film. Most of the time this is a wide shot so you are able to see the location, characters, and other details that are important that would take to much time to incorporate into the movie otherwise. These wide establishing shots...
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Skimming is an innovative and new way to explore your movie projects. Its a great way to quickly identify the best parts of your video for later viewing and editing. Select an event from the video pane to begin skimming. Drag cursor across film strip to skim the different video. Press spacebar if you want to begin watching...
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When a clip in your movie is to long or has extra video you don't need you can trim it off. This feature makes editing really simple and much faster. 1. Click and drag the selection you want.
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Keywords help you quickly identify clips that share a common attribute. To Assign Keywords: 1. Choose Preferences from the iMovie menu. At the bottom of the Preferences window, select the Show Advanced Tools checkbox. 2. Click the Keyword button in the iMovie toolbar or press K on your keyboard.
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General Information iPhoto is an application created by Mac for the iLife suite. It's purpose is to import photos and...
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