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Locking and Saving Tickets: Tickets can be locked once the user saves the ticket or when a user is working within the ticket. Locking a ticket can be completed by selecting the Unlocked ...
Article Id: 19901
Category: Cherwell

Cherwell: Closing and reopening tickets Closing tickets: When a ticket is resolved, the customer will receive an automated email that informs him or her that the ticket has been resolved and will be closed in three business days . The customer or user cannot reopen the ticket once it has been closed. ...
Article Id: 19908
Category: Cherwell: Incident Management and Request Fulfillment

Resolving the "treb-inv" Error Some users may have an issue opening tickets within Cherwell due to an error that states: "Culture is not supported, treb-inv is an invalid culture identifier." If you are experiencing...
Article Id: 19909
Category: Cherwell: Useful Commands and Actions

General Information ITS Desktop Support Services assists the user with the installation and configuration of computer programs and services. Eligibility & Order Procedures Available To: LSU-owned...
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Category: Field Support